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Finally !!! The Video of

03 June 2009Finally !!! The Video of "One More Time" by Dian Solo feat. Mescalex is here.


Dian Solo feat. Mescalex – “One More Time”

music video, concerning:

Global pollution and alternative and renewable energy sources

It’s obvious today, that the ecological problems of our planet become more and more complicated and important for our future and especially – for the future of our children. Public consciousness and warning about these problems are the first big step we all should take. That’s why we would like to introduce you to a new bulgarian musical project, that aims to make that first step in the communication, that seems to be crucial for our future – the communication between people and the nature.

The song, called “One More Time” is produced by Deep Zone – one of the most popular bulgarian music projects, which also the most successful acts the country in international aspect. The song already has it’s worldwide media future guaranteed, as it will be distributed in more than 100 countries all over the World through the dutch label ToCo International.

The concept of “One More Time” is to voice the ecological problems and global pollution through music, and get invloved as many people as possible on that concept. The musical style of the song is a reggae-based dance/pop music and it has already been supported by one of the biggest radio stations and DJs in Bulgaria. Many specialists also suggested that the song could become the big summer 2009 hit in Bulgaria.

The main slogan of the song is “The things we do today will affect our children toorrow”. That’s why the video of “One More Time” features “singing and dancing waste-baskets” in human form, representing the image of human future. The future of our children, if we don’t limit pollution. In the end of the video there are also two baby children featuring – the one-year old Christian (son of the Deep Zone musician Dian Solo) and his little cousin Nia.

The video also shows the positive aspects of the ecological activities and possible alternative energy sources and renewable energy – wind turbines, hydroelectricity, solar cells and more.  

The video of “One More Time” is directed by Kiril Bojilov – Kiko, the director of the first Deep Zone international hit and Bulgaria’s choice for the Eurovision 2008 song contest – “DJ, Take Me Away”.

The official release of the video will be supported by national media through interviews and articles, concerning global pollution. A national non-governmental ecological initiative and local activities will follow, under the slogan “The things we do today will affect our children toorrow”

We hope that through music, we can help young people understand and accept the problems of The Earth as their own problems, directly affecting their future.

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