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Dian Solo (Deep Zone) - DJ Set for download

10 January 2009 Dian Solo (Deep Zone) - DJ Set for download

Hi, you can download the latest Dian Solo's dj promo set (January 2009) from the

"download - audio"

section. The file size is 98 MB and it features some fresh and slamming techno tracks. Enjoy it !!!


Deep Zone - Live In Concert (Fan TV 5 Years Anniversary)

08 January 2009 Deep Zone - Live In Concert (Fan TV 5 Years Anniversary)

Hi, after the euphoric New Year's events, we're back in the studio for our new projects that soon will be released worlwide. We've uploaded our

Live Performance @ Universiada Hall (Fan TV 5 years Anniversary), so you can download it from the "download" section. Also, we've added in the "video" section "Let The Music Move Ya" reaching 4th place at MTV's "World Chart Express".


Здравейте и добре дошли (Welcome)

19 December 2008 Здравейте и добре дошли (Welcome)

Здравейте и добре дошли на новооткрития ни официален сайт! Той ще бъде актуализиран ежедневно и тук първи ще можете да откривате нова информация свързана с Deep Zone – интересни случки, тур дати, видео и аудио за download и много други интересни неща.


Deep Zone new single

12 December 2008 Deep Zone new single "Addicted To You"

After the success of "Let The Music Move Ya" now we are planing to release our next song called "Addicted To You" which we made in colaboratin with "New Hope" (european break dancing vice champions). The premiere of the video will be on 26th December on MAD TV. More info will be published, soon. So, stay tuned !